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Calypso Hammock 

Latest News

Calypso have updated their site with a new list of the Markets they will be attending over the coming months.

Have a look at the Markets page here

The Calypso Product Range

Head Massagers

The magnetic hematite-tipped head massagers have a soothing, calming effect.

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Batik Travel Pouch

Stylish and invaluable when you are shopping, travelling light or just on a quick trip out.

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Handbag Hangers

How did we ever survive without these oh!-so-useful handbag hangers. Make a statement!

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Crystal Nail File Kits

Each kit contains six different color nail files in 9cm, 14cm and 19.5cm which mix and match.

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Crystal Nail Files

Do you crave strong, healthy nails? If so, after using these little gems your wish will come true.

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Calypso Pak

These lightweight and foldable backpacks are the ideal day pack when out and about.

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