Calypso Hammocks

Calypso Hammock

Calypso Hammock

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The Calypso Hammock is designed for today’s traveller, backyard enthusiast or for those who like to indulge in the comforts of life be it at the beach or picnic or basically anywhere you can string it up to enjoy the relaxation we all so richly deserve.

The Hammock weighs in at 480gr. and is made of parachute “silk” -  and that’s strong! 

Easily folded (or scrunched) into the carry pouch which is attached to the mid-side of each hammock.  The pouch is conveniently placed so that you can put your book, drink, phone or whatever you need into it to have on hand while you relax.

The Hammocks are made from quality rip-stop nylon and are also rot resistant, colour fast, tear and stretch resistant and quick to dry (machine/cold hand wash).

Our Price (AUD): $59.95


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