Calypso Paks

The handiest little bag around

Imagine shopping or even camping and you need that extra carrier for those goods that you just have to have. Both hands full and voila! – your foldable backpack will do the trick – just unfold, fill it up and pop it on your back leaving both hands free to continue on your way.

At 104 grams you can have a couple and have all the carrying capacity you will need for that shopping or camping expedition.

  • Very strong (tested to 15 kilos)
  • Water resistant and totally washable.
  • Mesh side pouch for water bottle and double side open pocket for maps, etc.
  • Front zippered pouch for your valuables
  • Current trend colour blends
  • Loop strap to hang on hook
  • All strap webbing double-stitched
  • Easy to clean

Use the internal holding pouch (with lockable drawstring) to store your Ipod, MP3 or mobile – connect ear phones via the rubber port at the top of the pak.

Another perfect gift idea for someone special – YOU!!

Fold up bag