Crystal Nail Files


Crystal Glass Nail Files are the New Revolution in Nail Care Technology.

Read on if you want to have beautiful strong and healthy nails.

When filing, the crystal file closes the nail tip and actually seals it and prevents water and debris from leaching into your nailbed. After using a crystal nail file for a period of about one month, users report a noticeable difference in their nails being stronger as they “don’t chip, crack or peel”.

The crystal nail file will not tear the nail like the emery boards or metal files. You can file in both directions and as an added bonus – no more jagged edges!  After you file your nails with a crystal file, you’ll notice how smooth the nail tip is.

Crystal glass is non-porous and very hygienic. No bacteria or debris can grow on the filing surface. Crystal nail files meet all the sanitization requirements of the FDA and can be cleaned in water or sanitized in alcohol or under UV light.

Crystal nail files will last years, if not a lifetime. They will never become blunt and can be used on both natural and artificial nails.

In short:

  • Smoother and healthier nails
  • Prevents nails chipping
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Suitable for natural and artificial nails
  • Unlimited lifespan of the filing surface
  • Three sizes to choose from: 9cm, 14cm and 19.5cm.

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