Head Massagers

Like having your own massage therapist on hand, literally.

The gentle fingers of the Calypso Head Massager with the magnetic haematite tips will relax you and yet stimulate you at the same time as it targets acupressure points on the body.

Calypso head massager

Haematite has proven therapeutic benefits used for stress relief.

It is said that haematite has -

  • A calming and nourishing effect on the body and is a good healing and grounding stone which strengthens the body and improves resistance to life's stresses;
  • can inspire inner life and promote inner peace
  • positive effect on the bloodstream

Not just for use on the head but just as effective for use on any joint or muscle requiring a better blood flow due to injury or even just day to day tension.

A wonderful natural way to relax after a grinding day at work or unwinding while travelling.

Your body will thank you.

Give to someone you love so they too will reap the benefits of the magical Calypso Head Massager.

Like having your own massage therapist.